Private Client Tax Planning

At Cotter Tax Consulting we believe in keeping regular contact with our clients and being always available to them.
We work with our private clients to minimise their tax costs and provide bespoke solutions to their tax needs. We deal with income tax compliance and planning for all clients. We advise on Tax residency in Ireland and what to do before coming to Ireland to live here/take up employment here.

We advise on domicile and the tax planning if you are resident in Ireland for tax purposes but not domiciled here.
We advise private clients on the taxes arising when buying and selling property and how to minimise tax on rental income. We advise on the most suitable structure for the holding of rental property and other investments assets.
We also advise on the taxes arising where a beneficiary inherits or is gifted property. With careful planning these taxes can be minimised.

We advise on;

  • Tax residency in Ireland.
  • What to do to minimise tax before becoming resident in Ireland.
  • Domicile and tax planning if you are not domiciled in Ireland.
  • Income tax compliance and completion of tax returns.
  • Tax advice on private wealth creation.
  • Tax advice and Will structuring.
  • Principal private residence relief on disposal of main residence.
  • Tax advice on capital allowances and rental income.
  • Expenditure allowed against rental income.
  • Tax structures for rental properties and other investment assets.
  • Will structuring and estate planning.
  • Dwelling House Exemption.
  • Section 72 policies.
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