Property Ownership

At Cotter tax consulting we have strong business relationships and rapport with clients which is essential in building trust. We advise many property owners on structuring of property acquisitions and investment. We work with their legal advisors and other professionals in relation to the acquisition of property, in particular, in relation to value added tax and stamp duty.

There are a number of tax efficient structures that can be used to acquire property. We advise on the best structure for property ownership to suit the needs of the client and the benefits of involving family early in property ownership.We also give advice on financing the purchase of rental property, the tax relief for interest on loans taken out to acquire the property and qualifying expenditure for capital allowances purposes on rented property.

VAT can be a major cost in acquiring property and it is essential that proper VAT advice is obtained before the property is acquired. We advise on stamp duty on the acquisition of property.

We advise on:

  • Suitable structures for property acquisition.
  • Family partnerships to acquire and hold property.
  • Taxes arising on rental income.
  • Tax allowances and reliefs that can be offset against rental income.
  • Capital allowances on rental properties.
  • Wear and tear allowance on fixtures and fittings.
  • Minimising VAT on the purchase of rental property.
  • VAT on the sale of investment property.
  • Capital Gains Tax on the disposal of investment property.
  • Stamp duty on the acquisition of property.
  • Tax relief on borrowings to acquire investment property.
  • Gift/inheritance tax on the transfer of property.
  • Will structuring if you hold property/investment assets.
  • CGT exemption for properties purchased between December 2011 and December 2014.
  • Minimising tax on the sale of shares in trading/property holding companies.
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