Employee taxation

We have years of experience in advising on employee taxation. Due to Covid 19 there has been a radical change in the way people work and remote working has become the norm.

We advise employees on all areas of taxation and we complete tax returns and claim tax reliefs on their behalf.
We advise employees on the tax treatment of a wide range of shares schemes, these include Revenue approved share schemes and unapproved schemes. On the disposal of the shares we compute the capital gains tax arising and advise the client of the tax due and complete the income tax return for the client.

We advise employees on relocation expenses such as storage costs and costs associated with the purchase of a house such as stamp duty and legal fees that can be reimbursed tax free by the employer in certain cases.

We assist employees who are transferred from abroad to work in Ireland, and we help with the claim for reliefs such as special assignee relief programme (SARP). This relief operates by reducing a qualifying employee’s taxable income over a threshold of €75,000 by 30% up to €1m. Employees who qualify for SARP can have school fees up to €5k for each child paid by the employer tax free.

We advise on:

  • Share option schemes.
  • Share clog schemes.
  • Growth shares (Flowering shares or hurdle shares).
  • Approved profit-sharing schemes (APSS).
  • KEEP scheme (Key Employee Engagement Programme).
  • Restricted stock units (RSU).
  • Convertible securities.
  • Tax allowances for E-working and home working.
  • Special assignee relief programme (SARP) relief.
  • Benefit in Kind on assets provided to employees for less than market value.
  • Benefit in Kind on motor vehicles/electric cars.
  • Capital gains/losses on disposal of shares.
  • Negligible value claims for capital gains tax.
  • Advising on tax compliance and completion of tax returns for those in employment.
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