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We are in regular contact with our clients and we understand their business as if was our own. We think strategically and we recognise the tax advisory requirements of a business change as it expands and grows. The direction of the business may change when family members join the business or when the business develops new products or enters new markets.

We are innovative in providing high level advice and solutions to satisfy our clients requirements. As a business grows it may have a requirement for tax advice on new business acquisitions, funding, VAT issues, property acquisitions, cross border trading, mobility of staff and many more issues associated with a growing business that require expert tax advice.
We look closely at detail while also thinking strategically and looking at the “bigger picture”. This enables us to focus on the short term as well as the long-term tax planning for our clients.

We advise on:

  • Structuring shareholders agreements.
  • Business expansion plans.
  • Structuring new business acquisitions and managing risk.
  • Structuring property acquisitions and funding.
  • Tax relief for interest on borrowings.
  • Capital allowances on the acquisition of fixed assets.
  • Accelerated capital allowances for energy efficient equipment.
  • Advising on the taxes arising on the disposal of a business.
  • Advising on group structures and what is required to obtain group relief.
  • Advising if the founder should have a personal holding company.
  • Corporate reconstructions such as share for undertaking transactions.
  • Tax advice to maximise entrepreneur relief.
  • Retirement relief and how to qualify for this relief.
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